Last week and this week, I have been unable to update this blog due to a cold that seems to be going around not only my workplace but also the entire city of Dublin. (You can play the fiddle to the beat of sneezes in the morning commute bus!) I promise that as soon as… Continue reading Notice


4th-File Rook + G-78 (3)

Over the last two weeks, I have been talking about the G-78 strategy against the static-rook side's rapid attack patterns. We saw there that standard attacks tend to fail against the G-78. Today, we focus more on a tricky response which combines rapid attack with a more steady progression. (See last week's post to find… Continue reading 4th-File Rook + G-78 (3)

Feint Swinging-Rook Strategy (1)

When and how do you decide between a swinging-rook and a static-rook opening? Most players, including many professionals, would have decided before the match itself. However, by playing an opening strategy known as “yōdō furibisha,” you can play a swinging-rook opening after narrowing down your opponent's opening choices. (For the time being, I will translate… Continue reading Feint Swinging-Rook Strategy (1)

How to Bring a 4th-File Rook Game to a Stalemate

There are many opening strategies whose name is very difficult to translate from Japanese into English. This week's theme is one of them. In Japanese, this opening is called the 4五歩早仕掛け. The term essentially means “P-45 Quick First Attack.,” and it refers to a strategy which a static rook player might adopt against the 4th-file… Continue reading How to Bring a 4th-File Rook Game to a Stalemate

Classical 4th-File Rook Against the Anaguma (2)

Last week, we considered a typical juncture in a match between the 4th-file rook and the Matsuo Anaguma. Nowadays, professionals hardly ever worry about this position, mostly because the 4th-file rook side has given up. But if anyone wished to still use the classical 4th-file rook strategy, this position is something which must be thought… Continue reading Classical 4th-File Rook Against the Anaguma (2)